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Services and Data

Predictive Modeling Forecasting Balances, Cash Flows, Delinquencies, and Losses

  • Customized Performance Projections
  • Performance Curves and Other Assumptions
  • Loss Forecasting and Reserve Requirements
  • Whole Loan Valuations
  • MSR Valuations
  • MBS and ABS Valuations
  • Stress Testing
  • Model Validation Services
Summary Outputs

Transaction Support Services Whole loan, MSR, and Securities Transactions

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  • Prepare and Evaluate Bids for Sales of Whole Loans, MSRs, and Structured Securities
  • Manage Asset Sales and Clean-Up Call Auctions for Securitization Trusts
  • Assist in Creation of Securitizations
  • Prepare and Review Transaction Documents
  • Conduct Operational Due Diligence
  • Conduct Loan File Due Diligence
  • Build Custom Models for Valuation

Loan and MBS Data and Analytics Subscription and Custom Data Services

  • Agency Loan Data Platform with Slice and Dice Analytics
  • Non-Agency Loan Data Platform with Slice and Dice Analytics
  • Client’s Own Portfolio Analytics
  • Custom Prepayment and Default Scoring
  • Agency Specified Pool Analytics
  • Agency Credit Transaction Analytics
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Litigation and Dispute Resolution Services Expert Analytics and Testimony

Courtroom Benches
  • Historic and Forensic Analysis
  • Customer File and Transaction File Examination
  • Expert Reports and Rebuttal Reports
  • Expert Testimony
  • Pre-Litigation Support
  • Interactive Collaboration with Other Litigation Support Specialists

Financial Advisory Services Distressed and Special Situation Analysis and Support

  • Interim Management Services for Distressed Entities
  • Market Valuation and Fair Market Valuation
  • New Business Start-up Plans and Forecasts
  • Specialty Asset Analysis and Valuation
  • Assistance with Sourcing Capital and Debt Financing
  • Bankruptcy Auction Asset Analysis and Bid Preparation
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Books and Publications Author and Edit Books and Publications

Services and Data
  • Write Books for Publication
  • Prepare Operations and Compliance Manuals
  • Assist with Preparation of Underwriting Programs and Guidelines
  • Prepare Training Manuals
  • Write Articles and White Papers for Publication
  • Prepare Speeches and Presentations
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