For our litigation support work involving large numbers of findings across multiple loan files, we have built CaseKnit™, a data-centric, multi-party collaborative tool. It is a scalable system that allows attorneys, consultants, experts, underwriting firms, and others to manage workflows while maintaining consistency, control, and confidentiality. CaseKnit™ can be the original-entry system for the underwriters through a secure web portal, or can sit on top of and receive uploads from other systems.

Once CaseKnit™ is loaded, authorized attorneys, consultants, experts and other parties can enter or review findings, make comments, send items to others’ queues, verify data, examine trends, print reports, and more. The system can be configured for selective visibility. The systems are designed for centralized management and makes everyone’s work more organized and productive, while providing significant expert-cost savings. Workflow and productivity improvements can be substantial, benefitting from avoided rework, redundancies, and miscues with so many people involved.

Below is a sample workflow diagram for the CaseKnit™ tool for managing mortgage rep and warranty violation claims.