Operational Review

CORE (Cognops Operation Review Evaluation)

Berkshire Group and its affiliate, Cognitive Options Group, offer thorough and targeted reviews on various aspects of a firm’s operations.  Regardless of the entity (loan servicer, originator, investor, etc.) we conduct extensive audits and tests of random and pre-determined loan samples.  Berkshire offers its clients the benefits of its proprietary technology (Cognitive Options Risk Evaluation “CORE”) designed to standardize the operational analysis of loan originators and servicers across multiple asset classes.  

During a CORE review, we will complete the following:

  • Perform an onsite review of the entity’s mortgage production and servicing operation; the review includes an evaluation of processes and procedures, staffing, controls, systems, financial management reporting and relevant support functions.
  • Interview senior management and key managers and supervisors in each functional area of mortgage production and servicing operations to assess their capabilities and gather information on lending operations and mortgage banking opportunities and problems.
  • Evaluate the loan origination and servicing systems as set‐up and used by lending and servicing personnel to understand the ability of the systems to support improved procedures and workflows.