Our Clients

Berkshire Group has delivered comprehensive solutions cutting across a wide range of financial services and asset classes.  Our clients have benefited from Berkshire Group’s approach of insight, clarity, and action blended with our core values.  It’s these guiding principals that separate Berkshire from its competitors and allow us to continue to deliver best-in-class services.

Our services are used by domestic and international financial service companies, which include:

Banks & Multilateral Banks Government Agencies
Broker Dealer/Investment Banks Hedge Funds
Mortgage Companies Private Equity
Warehouse Lenders REITS
Servicers Mortgage Insurers
Finance Companies Law Firms
Securitization Trustees International Program Arrangers

Through our combination of services, Berkshire Group has contributed to the Client’s success by helping them identify risk, craft new strategies, and implement suitable ongoing practices.  These services include: