Berkshire’s Leadership Team

Our executive leadership comes from diverse banking, mortgage-related, and real estate backgrounds:

Michael Trickey
Michael TrickeyManaging Partner
Janis Nagobads
Janis NagobadsFinance Director
Abayneh Turner
Abayneh TurnerOperations Project Management Director
Walter Marotta
Walter MarottaBusiness Development Manager
Chris Potter
Chris PotterDirector of Business Development
Craig Henderson
Craig HendersonIT Manager
Ilmars Katajs
Ilmars KatajsDirector Data Management

Professional Staff

Brett Charman, Applications Development
Karen Felke, Analyst
Mary Tag, Analyst
Michael Weinstein, Analyst

Mary Howard, Compliance Analyst


Berkshire Group consultants have worked in retail banking, mortgage banking, investment banking, commercial lending, consumer lending, consumer home equity lending, and regulatory agencies. They hold advanced academic degrees and professional certifications in management, finance, accounting, technology, and marketing. They have worked with start-up, established, and liquidating companies—in the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, Latin America, Europe and Asia.