Berkshire Group’s Managing Director, Michael Trickey, published a new book entitled Finding Home: Everything You Need To Know — And Do — For Home Buying Success.  The book helps people through the entire home buying process, including:

  1. Assessing your readiness, financial foundation, and credit
  2. Determining your Key Home Buying Affordability Numbers
  3. Budgeting to be a homeowner
  4. Getting pre-approved for a mortgage loan
  5. Determining your wants and needs in a home
  6. Working through your Location Choice Hierarchy
  7. Finding good homes for purchase that meet your needs
  8. Exploring neighborhoods and homes
  9. Working with a realtor
  10. Preparing and negotiating a contract
  11. Getting your mortgage loan
  12. Inspections and pre-closing preparations
  13. Closing on your home
  14. Things to do before moving
  15. Moving in and securing your home

With 36 years of experience in the field, Mr. Trickey helps his readers to responsibly purchase and finance the largest single asset most will buy.

Finding Home is available on Amazon and other online sites, and in bookstores.